Trash Panda Junk Percussion Band


Trash Panda Drum Group is an immersive rhythmic experience where the Trash Panda drummers, beat, bash, trash, slam, squeeze, tap, slap, and groove on the most unique instruments you can imagine ranging from garbage cans to rubber chickens, folding chairs to irrigation pipes, water bottles to buckets, washboards to pots and pans. Depending on the event, there will be anywhere from 3-20 Trash Pandas rocking out, and with audience interaction, corporate theme integration, personalization, and more they guarantee an unforgettable experience. Trash Panda Drum Group also loves doing team building experiences through bucket drumming, workshops, assemblies, classroom settings, birthday parties, flash mobs, musical telegrams, weddings (for reals), and just about anything else where they get to hit stuff and bring smiles. Trash Panda Drum Group core drummers are:

Nate Anderson – Masters of Jazz Studies, Indiana University

Wachira Waigwa-Stone – Masters in Percussion Performance, University of Utah

Heath Edwards – B.A. Percussion Performance and Commercial Music (ongoing)

  Aug 12th

  Saturday throughout the day

  By the outside ticket Booth