2019 Commercial Booth

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Commercial Vendors

Vendor Application

Fill out the form below or click the button below to download the vendor application.

Booth Information

  • Duchesne County Fair Vendor Application

  • If you have no tax ID#, then your Social Security #


    You will be responsible for your own awning, extension cords, lighting, containers for water, etc.

  • Food Vendors, Please submit the above information to be vetted by the Duchesne County Fair Board before April 1st, for submission to the Duchesne County Fair. Completing an application does not constitute or guarantee a vendor space. The Duchesne County Fair Board has the right to choose and select any vendor they deemed appropriate for this county fair. Violations of rules from prior participants will be reviewed and considered in choosing vendors. You will receive an acceptance or denial letter by April 30th

    Duchesne County Fair
    P.O. Box 976
    Duchesne, UT 84021
    If you have questions, please call
    Amy Babcock
    Office (435) 738-1237

    *We reserve the right to accept, or decline any vendor, or vendor application submitted.