Talent Show

Come join us at this year’s exciting Talent Show! See details below.

  Friday, August 7, 2020

  4:00 pm

  Duchesne Centennial Events Center


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Age Divisions: Ages as of Aug. 1 20-19

10 Contestants in each age group. There will be 2 audition locations making 24 participants per age group in the final show.

Ages: 0-12

Ages: 13-17

Ages 18 & up

Each division will be awarded 

1st Place $500.00 2nd Place $200.00

3rd Place $100.00

Entry forms can be downloaded on the Duchesne County Fair web site and need to be brought with you to your audition. Entries will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. The talent show committee reserves the right to limit the number of applications based on the time restraints.

Please be sure all CDs and props are clearly marked with your name we are not responsible for your cd after the performance. If you would like to keep your cd you must go to the sound booth or table and pick it up after the show is complete. Any stage preparations or props must be noted on the entry form. There is a 2 minute time limit for each talent selection.

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Rules and Regulations:

  1. If group entry, the age is determined by the oldest
  2. No first place winner may try out two years in a They must wait one year before entering again.
  3. It is against the U.S. Copyright Law to use copyrighted music that is not Contestants breaking this restriction will be disqualified and not be allowed to compete.
  4. Each performer may only compete once in the For example, a performer may not compete in a group number and then have a solo number as well.
  5. No vulgar, profane, or obscene music as determined by the Duchesne County Fair Board Talent Show Directors will be This also applies to the costumes and gestures. Contestants breaking this restriction will be disqualified and not be allowed to compete.
  6. Must be a resident of Duchesne County
  7. Must be an amateur performer
  8. Have Fun!