Tim The Dairy Farmer

Tim the Dairy Farmer:

Tim is a Florida Dairy Farmer and even better Comedian!  If you can grow it, pick it, pluck or pull it, theres a joke in there somewhere!  Tin is the funniest farmer you’ll ever see.

Most Recently Tim signed with famed comedian Larry the Cable Guy to produce Tim’s new album “Farm Raised”

Tim  the Dairy farmer is definitely not a politician, salesman, or motivational speaker. Tim is a Florida dairy farmer and stand-up comedian. His experiences on and off the farm allow him to bring out the humor of everyday farm life. You don’t have to be a farmer to understand Tim’s humor.  Whether you are blue collar, redneck, or even a city slicker Tim will have you doubled-over with his laughs-per-minute style.

They even let Tim write a monthly column is Progressive Dairyman Magazine.  Its rightfully called “The Manure Spreader”.  Most recently, Tim signed with famed comedian Larry the Cable guy to produce Tim’s comedy album.

Tim travels the U.S. and Canada performing at county fairs, banquets, and agriculture related events.  Tim’s true passions in life are farming, making people laugh, and eating beef jerky.


  Aug 5th

  7:00 pm

  Outdoor Arena


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